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Grow bag with style

Thank you so much, Chris, for this lovely new addition to my gardening arsenal, which you brought back for me from Munich. This very attractive grow bag is from EMSA – Germany and is versatile and stylish for indoor and outdoor use. It is waterproof too and with a big feel-good factor they have already taking continental Europe by storm. EMSA call these wonderful products – Soft Bags.



Plants also need sufficient drainage to ensure that they grow and flourish. With EASY DRAIN (the black and red pillow in the photo) this is child’s play and it even saves time: Simply place the felt bag in a container or window box, cover with soil, plant and you’re done! Waterlogging doesn’t stand a chance. The professional drainage system’s high-quality clay granulate also serves as an addition water store – and it can be reused for several years.

It is simple to use – place in container – soil on top – done!

I am itching to get to a nursery to buy something to put in my Soft Bag.

Thanks my friend

Happy Gardening xxxxx