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Grass feature revisited

On the 5th of April, our great day trip to Elgin took us to Fairholme, where I bought all my grasses in my patch – well 90% of them. It is now 5 months later – whew, time flies – and the grass patch is still quite dormant – until yesterday! I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dry tufts of Panicum virgatum and Miscanthus are finally showing signs of life. […]

May 03 2011 by in Barbie's garden, Design, Gardening, Perenniels, | 15 comments

Additional grasses

Deschampsia Caespitosa

When I started with the layout of my grass feature, I knew that I would have a few gaps where I could add some low ground cover. So off I went (again!) to the nursery and assembled a few new grasses to add to my collection. I wanted to share these with you, seeing I took some photo’s of them this week. I also found out that these grasses actually came from […]

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Grass Feature – Part 1

Grass Patch

Hi Chris, I wanted to upload a completed Grass Feature post, but this is not to be – yet! I was so convinced it would take me a few hours on Good Friday morning to get it looking ‘mooi’ but it is Saturday evening and I’m STILL not finished. So here was yesterday’s big graft! I had to drop my tools at 6pm when the sun was setting and it was starting […]

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The great big gardening makeover!


Hi Chris, I have been so busy with work and stuff this past week, I hardly had a moment free! So now I have to catch up on all my posts I have been saving up! I am so inspired and excited to let you in on my BIG gardening makeover. After our trip to Elgin I have been reading and researching on grasses and paths and designs and permiculture. I am […]

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Lovely ornamental grass finds its niche

Panicum Vergatum "Shenandoah"

I thought if I bought a nice ornamental grass and planted it, that my current obsession with grasses would subside a bit – but all that is happening is that I want more! Such a pity that most require a lot of sun or I would be hotfooting it off to the nurseries to buy every pretty grass I can find. What I love about grasses is the many different textures, colours, […]

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Plan for the front patch


Hi Chris, Your suggestion about adding grasses into my front patch has really got me thinking. I’m going to totally revamp this old lavender patch – shame, they have had a good 4 years. So – I am going to pull all that out and start fresh! I sat having a coffee and sketched out, more or less, what I see for this front section. I have the dry river bed effect […]