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Getting organised

I’m not a very organised person. This sad fact is becoming more and more obvious to me whenever I attempt to do something in the garden and then have to hunt around for the required tool or equipment. Its only been a few months that I’ve been acquiring gardening tools and things I need in the garden, like organic fertilisers, foliar feeds, secateurs, seeds, pots, gloves etc. etc. And every time I buy something new it gets put in a new / different / available place. So we now have various items I use in the garden scattered all over the garden, garage and inside the house. Numerous places have become collection or storage spaces for new gardening things and when I need something I have to go hunting in all those places … its become very annoying – so it was time to “get organised”!

Closed chest

Enter the newest acquisition – an antique Chinese chest! I absolutely love this new chest and I’ve had a great time getting all my indoor things together and arranging them inside the chest. Now all I need to do is put up some shelves on the wall above it for all my gardening books and I’ll look like a Real Gardener!

I now keep all the “big” tools in the garage, have one space in the actual garden for outdoorsy type things, and all the small things in this chest. I think it works and I have something beautiful to look at everytime I walk past it!

Open chest

Where do you keep all your “gardening stuff”? And do you think my chest is going to be large enough in the long term?