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Baby Dove thriving

Baby Dove Day 3Day 3

Today she is actually recognising me – she follows me with her eyes. She loves posing for the camera. I’m becoming very attached to this little one. She wakes at 6am for her first feed. I am now getting the hang it. I bought baby bird feed from the local pet shop. It is a powder mix of all sorts of goodies – corn, wholewheat, soy, pro-biotics, and I forget what else, but it smells yummy. I make it the consistency of drinking yogurt and use the same feeding method. Oh boy! Does she love this! She is going to be a fat, happy bird soon! I feed her every 4 hours – so I’m a newborn mom again!

Can you see the big difference in her? The feathers are forming quickly, especially her wings. You can see her crop is full because we just had a big lunch! Very hungry little bird! She now has fluffy down feathers on her rear end. It was so difficult to get this shot because she was wriggling and the focus is so critical. Photography is my new hobby, so I still need to get to know my camera and what it can do. She is developing so quickly that I will have take a photo every day so you can see her progress.

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Baby dove fell from nest

You won’t believe what happened!! Early this morning, I was about to water my back garden, when the chickens started clucking for no reason. This usually means there is something that they are not familiar with in the area. So I looked around and under the potato plant (now a huge tree!) there was a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest. Shame!!! It was being attacked by ants (those alltime pests!!) so I brushed them off and took her inside. Now we have a baby bird to nurse to health. The mommy dove made a silly little nest in the tree and the baby obviously was not secure in it. I waited and waited, but the mommy bird never came back. So Hannes and I immediately googled “feeding baby dove” and found an amazing website showing us how to feed it successfully – quite a delicate process, but we managed. Take a syringe and cut the top off and put a rubber glove finger tip over the top of it and make a decent hole for the birdy to feed through and voila!! She was eating perfectly!! Yey! So we will have to find a name for her and we will keep you posted with photo’s of her progress.


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