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My own Compost

Since I have started my organic gardening craze and the blog as well, I have been purposeful in keeping it all natural and organic. I raise chickens for their great personalities – oh, yes as well as beautiful eggs and the natural manure to feed my pesticide-free garden. I have learnt so much but if I do not put it into practice, then I am just a big wind bag of hot […]

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Progress in the compost mixer

First load of compost

You might remember I invested in a compost mixer in June and set it up with its first “load” of material to compost on 2nd June. It’s been three months so I thought it might be time to get my first load of compost. Not quite … but I don’t think its due to the compost mixer. I had bags of leaf materials and “garden debris” which a garden helper collected for […]

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Design beginnings for the back

Hi Chris, I was busy again this weekend – I don’t know where this energy comes from!! The bags of compost arrived from Nonke – all 30 of them!! They are super heavy and I had to scheme how I was going to bring each one to the back garden. I worked out a 3-phase plan to get each bag into the wheel barrow, whew! I managed to get 15 bags (one […]

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Composting confessions and a solution

Keter Composter

Composting … I know it’s the “right thing to do”. I know it saves money. I know it would be great for my plants … bla bla bla. So I ordered a compost bin. When it arrived it was one of those that needs to be ‘planted’ in the garden and couldn’t just be put in the space I’d specifically allocated for it, being in a concrete alley way down the side […]

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Thank you very Mulch

After mulching close up

Hi Barbie – I wanted to thank you again for the ten bags of apricot kernel / pip shell mulch you brought for me and thought you might like to see the results. I decided to tackle the two front beds first as I am waiting for the tree fellers to come on 6 June before I create the walkway at the back (which is what the apricot pip shells were actually […]

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Christine’s Soil Experiment Result

Soil Test Result

So I’ve learnt two things doing this “Great Soil Expirement”. The first thing is that I think I have good soil but have no idea how to actually read the result and the second is that I have a lot to learn about photographing glass containers that reflect light. Lots of reading up on the internet and the best I can do is a photograph of a jar of dirt and water […]

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My Great Soil Experiment

Soil Test 1

I have completed my free Soil Composition Test.  I took a sample from the clay soil of my front garden today, where the roses and the lavender grow and also from the veggie patch which I have been rejuvenating with compost, etc., every season. They both look so very similar. Let’s see what happens once they settle. This should be interesting! I am looking forward to all the results!! The soil in […]

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Join the Great Soil Experiment

Join the Big Soil Test Experiment!

Last week Hanni at Sweet Bean Gardening posted an article entitled “Dirt Cheap: Free Soil Composition Test“, which is a super-easy and free way to find out the secrets of your soil. We suggested she start a meme – i.e. anyone who is interested can take part by doing the soil composition test and then posting the results on their blog. Then in a couple of days, Hanni will do a post […]

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What is Organic Gardening?


Through my research I found out that for hundreds of years we have grown plants without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. Today there is a growing concern for the environment and how important it is to us and the dangers of the pollution to air, water and animal life and food crops and its degradation, by the world-wide use of chemical products. We have not paid attention to the harm […]

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Fertilizers or Compost?

Swiss chard

A mistake which people often make is to assume that if they use artificial fertilizers, they do not need to use compost or any other organic matter. IF you have to use artificial fertilizers they must always be used in conjuction with compost otherwise the soil will deteriorate in its organic content with a resulting poor structure.  Bulky manures and organic products will steadily improve the quality of the soil so that […]