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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 11

Today I am grateful for family and friends. There is a saying that goes “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow”. I think it’s a proverb, but wherever it comes from, Family and Friends are there always there for you when things go wrong or life deals you a blow. For all those special people in my life, I am extremely grateful (not just today, but every day!) – and those of you that show interest in my garden when I prattle on about it for hours, even though you are not reeeeally interested, you Rock! 🙂


Photo: Dianthus – I love these and use them as gap fillers for summer colour. In my garden they do well in sunny spots where they thrive and behave as perennials and in the shaded areas they do well for a season and then require replacing.

Dianthus – Sweet William has been a favourite in the flower border for generations. Dianthus are relatives of the carnation, and flower in shades of red, pink and white. Many forms, such as the ‘Wee Willie’ are bicolor. They are easy to care for, and form neat mounds that seldom need pruning but benefit from dead-heading which encourages them to bush and flower. Sweet William prefers moist, well-drained soil in full sun. In areas having extremely hot summers, plant in partial shade for best results

About the 30 Day Challenge

Cat of The Whimsical Gardener, has invited Garden Bloggers the world over to join her in the 30 day challenge of posting a photograph and sentiment that you are thankful for – every day for 30 days. Find something you are thankful for every day, for 30 days, can’t be too difficult, can it? See all Barbie’s and my posts filed under “30 Day Challenge“.