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The Willow Tree – then and now

I have a huge Willow tree in my garden – as you open the front entrance to the property it is in fact the first thing you see. I have no idea how old it is – I’m assuming it’s pretty old because it is really large. I love willow trees – I think they are quite gorgeous, but this one does throw a lot of shade onto the front garden.

Before – December 2007:

Willow Tree Before - December 2007I managed to find this old photograph of the willow tree and its surrounds so you can see the “before and after” pics of this little area in the garden. (my photography skills are zero, so excuse the photo quality!). I have no idea what those bushes are on either side of it – they grew totally out of control and were removed, as were the messy “hen & chicks” plants around the base. We cleaned up the area, fixed up the broken brick work and it looks neater now as you can see on the “after” photo …[/one_half]


After – January 2011:

Willow Tree after - January 2011Here it is now after it was pruned somewhat to let some light into the garden and with the new plants that were planted in August. Coming along nicely. To the left we planted 2 x Nandina domestica (Sacred Bamboo) on either side of a Cammellia, at the base we have Hypoestes aristata ‘Purple’ – Ribbon Bush, Nandina pygmaea – Dwarf Sacred Bamboo, which are also on the right of the tree, another Sacred Bamboo on the right and then Cape Thatching Reed with Plectranthus madagascariensis.[/one_half_last]

I think it will look great once the plants have had a chance to really establish themselves. (You can view large versions of the photos by clicking on them – no comments about by crappy photographic skells please!!).