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Jun 03 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 9 comments

My Winter garden


The stars of my winter garden are without question, the Camellias. Looking particularly beautiful this year, the big red Camellia in my back garden has just opened her first blooms and is covered in buds waiting to open. Tucked in amongst other plants and taller growing shrubs are the smaller Camellias shrubs, some of which are flowering for the first time this year. Their lovely pink flowers draw attention to the lower […]

May 13 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 4 comments

Camellia bed update

I don’t really know why I call this ‘The Camellia Bed”, I have far more Camellias in the back garden than in this small corner, but that’s its name … the Camellia Bed. It started out as a very dark corner with overgrown trees casting deep shade onto the swimming pool – as a result we hardly used the pool). We slowly transformed the area as detailed in this post and then […]

May 10 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 2 comments

Lovely Camellias

Lovely Camellia

Flowers are the poetry of earth, as stars are the poetry of heaven ~ Unknown The Camellias are like stars twinkling in my winter garden … Some of the branches have too many buds on them so I’ve been picking off the weaker looking ones so we get better blooms. There are so many flowers and hundreds and hundreds of still-to-open buds … it’s just lovely! Happy Gardening! xxx

Apr 13 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 12 comments

An Autumn garden


My garden is in a sorry state … three days of continuous rain over the long weekend that interrupted my garden clean-up has left it looking untidy and ever so sad-looking. As I was busy with laying newly purchased compost and mulch the heavens opened up and it rained for three days solid. But in typical Cape Town fashion, as we got out our winter woolies and put extra blankets on beds, […]

Mar 29 2012 by in Annuals, Christine's garden, Gardening, Perenniels, | 17 comments

My garden in Autumn

My lovely little field of Anemones

I’ve been working my way through a lengthy list of Things to Do in the garden – none of which I will bore you with here. You know the drill … cut back, tidy, dead head, prune, chop, feed, mulch, plan, re-pot, plant, prepare … and then still lots more to do. One of the advantages of all this activity is that cutting back the tired summer growth seems to bring the […]

Nov 29 2011 by in Bugs & Pests, Christine's garden, Gardening, | 13 comments

Camellia leaf woes

Camellia leaf woes

Oh dear … what can this be? I first removed a few leaves from a Camellia plant a few days ago that looked like this. Situated pretty much at the bottom of the plant I removed the branch with the affected leaves, threw it away and thought no more of it until I found a second branch yesterday with the same thing. I decided to take some photos and once I looked […]

Nov 28 2011 by in 30 Day Challenge, Christine's garden, Gardening | 3 comments

The 30 Day Challenge – Day 26


Today I am grateful for all my gardening books! I’ve always loved books and combining one hobby (gardening) with another (reading) has resulted in quite an impressive library of gardening books. Its great reading fiction on an E-reader like Kindle or on the i-Pad, but when it comes to gardening and plants, there is nothing that compares to paging through glossy books filled with wonderful photographs of plants, flowers and trees to […]

Jul 06 2011 by in Bugs & Pests, Christine's garden, Gardening, | 9 comments

Hope Grows Day July 2011

Hope Grows Day July 2011

My second time taking part in “Hope Grows Day“, a monthly Gardening Blog meme hosted by Hanni of Sweet Bean Gardening. I am showcasing what I am hoping to see in my garden over the next month. So how successful was I in June? I hoped for good rains without too much storm damage. We had good rains. It was lovely. I have not had to water my garden at all in […]

Jun 18 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 4 comments

Stopping to smell the flowers

Aren't I a beautiful cat?

I did a walk about the garden this morning to access and photograph the storm damage as well as the damage to the back garden after the plumbers redid the french drain. The photographs I took are all so bleak and unattractive that they have been relegated to a “before” file – no brag-worthy photos today unfortunately. Now usually Dexter (the 65 kg Rottweiler) accompanies me when I’m in the garden and […]

May 05 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 8 comments

Autumn Day loveliness

Autumn Day Loveliness

It’s hard to find lots of new things to blog about when there is not much happening in the garden. Correction, when most of what’s happening in the garden is leaves blowing and gathering everywhere and all we seem to be doing is trying to keep things tidy. Not an easy task when the wind picks up just after we’ve swept. I’m not actually sure why we bother. I like this look […]

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