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Aug 31 2012 by in Barbie's garden, Gardening, Miscellaneous,

Feeding time

It was feeding time today and the neighbourhood gang came to join in!! The yellow Weaver Birds are the most comical. They come and call me at lunch time when I have forgotten the time. The chickens have to peck quickly if they know whats good for them. These little doves come in huge mobs and can devour a chickens lunch in seconds! Feeding time is always a big occasion at our […]

Jun 29 2012 by in Barbie's garden, Gardening, Miscellaneous, | 5 comments

Fleeing Fugitives

This week started off with a hint of “Police File” investigations. Familiar sounds – usually heard in prison, I mean cages! – emanating from the tree tops surrounding our house. Well, what do you know!?? Two fleeing fugitives caught in my camera sights…. Barney Blue and Yam Yam Yellow! Don’t know where they escaped from, but are now having either long soliloquy cheep-chats with bored pigeons or flitting at high speed from […]

Mar 22 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 22 comments

Autumn Bird-capades

In the massive Pepper tree

My garden is a hive of bird activity at the moment. The Starlings are loving the berries on the massive Willow-like Shinus that stands in the front garden and at any given time during the day there seem to be about thirty to forty of them there at a time, eating the red berries and swooping down to my pond for a drink from the bird baths and a swim. They chatter […]

Jan 30 2012 by in Bugs & Pests, Christine's garden, Gardening, | 25 comments

The Sunday Bird Show

Starling on my Terrace

Well its been hot, hot, hot here and I’ve really not had much inclination to dig in the dirt. All I can motivate myself to do as far as gardening goes is to lounge around, enjoy the garden and appreciate the birds who took over the back garden this afternoon. At one stage there were so many flitting around that I had to put the camera down just to appreciate the very […]

Jan 28 2012 by in Bugs & Pests, Christine's garden, Gardening, | 8 comments

A partly reclaimed view

After: Trees tidied and removed

In my list of Things to Do in the Garden in 2012 I mentioned that I want to prune some trees in order to reclaim a portion of mountain view. In the heat of summer we have managed to get that done and I am happy with the result. This is a small corner view as seen from one corner of the entertainment area of our back terrace. It’s a place I […]

Jan 26 2012 by in Bugs & Pests, Christine's garden, Gardening, | 13 comments

Something new for Someone new

Cape Robin-Chat

It seems that whenever I add something new, someone new turns up to inspect my garden … A week or so ago when I spotted the little Rooibeksysie (Common Wax-bill) eating the apples in the bird feeder, I asked what I should be doing to attract different and new birds to my garden. One suggestion I got from Clare at Curbstone Valley Farm was to add different fruit and she suggested citrus. […]

Jan 19 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 14 comments

The Baby Doves in my shade garden

Getting in real close

This evening we were sitting on our back terrace, all our pets were out back with us and we were making a fair amount of usual family noise when I spotted out of the corner of my eye what seemed like two very small birds just perched on the Philodendron … just hanging out, seemingly undisturbed by my dogs and cat who were all being quite vocal. On the off-chance that the […]

Jan 10 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 17 comments

Look who’s eating them apples

Rooibeksysie in the bird feeder

I put bird seed in the bird feeder and no-one came. Barbie suggested I add a few pieces of fruit – which I did, and a few days later all the fruit was gone. I never saw any birds go near the feeder. I replenished the apples and again, a few days later, all gone. The bird seed was getting less too, they were obviously eating it. Lather, rinse, repeat … On […]

Jan 03 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 11 comments

Sunbird in the Hibiscus

and then it took off again

I’ve been going on about how I’m trying to make my garden more hospitable to birds. I’ve been providing water in the form of bird baths and nectar feeders, I have a small bird house on which I leave seeds and pieces of fruit which they are eating and am researching which plants to get (that I don’t already have) to attract different birds to my garden. Today I had a brief […]

Dec 28 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 6 comments

Rooibeksysie in the Pepper Tree

Common Waxbill

Today I spotted this cute bird in the Pepper Tree and was lucky enough to be sitting with the camera when it briefly perched in the tree, surveyed the scene and decided it was not safe to spend too much time hanging out. It hopped to another branch where it was briefly joined by two others and then they all took off. I assume that I only attract common garden birds to […]

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