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Garden Colour

I have been in a gloomy mood of late, with my favourite chicken not doing well. Buffy has been suffering from Bumblefoot and had a major operation in December on both her feet. But alas, it is back – regardless of all the medication and the scrupulous cleaning of her feet and her New Hen House and the daily wrapping of her feet. The Vet warned of this and that it could […]

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This ever happen to you?


I don’t know why but right now I’ve lost a bit of interest in my garden and am a little disappointed. Nothing fun is going on in it, there are visible and invisible things and creatures destroying plants and the sun has done a fair amount of damage whilst I wasn’t paying attention. Growth has been great all round, unfortunately too great in some areas. Once again my lavender plants have become […]

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One bag of potting soil

One bag of potting soil!

This afternoon I had to pop in to the nursery to get ONE bag of potting soil. That’s all. One bag of potting soil. I promised myself that was all I would buy as I have so much work to do in the garden and still have some plants standing around (from the Elgin trip) that need to be planted. That’s the deal I make with myself – I’m only allowed to […]

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What’s flowering in my garden

Dietes bicolor

Today I thought I’d share with you what is still flowering in my garden. As we are nearing the end of summer I didn’t expect to have that much to show you until I stepped outside and started clicking away. The usual suspects are still flowering (read: annuals) and a few summer bloomers are showing their last flowers. Some new kids on the block (planted out last weekend) surprised me with their […]

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Sweet Alyssum


When we had the “new” garden planted I was left with lots of bare patches to contend with whilst we wait for the plants to establish themselves. Although we put down bark-mulch (which is more attractive than bare soil), I still wanted to see some more colour, especially over the the December / summer months. So I decided to plant fast growing annuals, just for a few splashes of colour whilst we […]

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Pretty Petunias


I love colourful annuals. I planted a few at the beginning of summer and most have given me a lot of pleasure. The Dianthus did well (and are still happily blooming) and the Petunias I planted in pots are doing great. In fact, I hardly water them, pay them very little attention and look at them go … This one (on the left) is purple – they start out a pale blue […]

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Front Garden


I’m enjoying one of the beds in my front garden a lot. To a seasoned gardener I’m sure its nothing special, and I know it needs work in terms of the Gardenias not performing at their best (and my newly planted “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” still underperforming), but I’m loving the little dianthus annuals I planted because they’ve added some colour to the blanks spaces while we wait for the new plants […]

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Alyssum in little pots


Just before Christmas, Stefani (my daughter for those who don’t know) talked me into buying this crate with the little pots in it for the garden. It’s been sitting around for a month now “waiting” for me to plant something in the pots. I was going to plant herbs in it, but then decided it would look pretty straight away with something that’s flowering, so yesterday I planted some of the Alyssum […]