The noun vegetable usually means an edible plant or part of a plant other than a sweet fruit or seed. This typically means the leaf, stem, or root of a plant. The list of food items called “vegetable” is quite long, and includes many different parts of plants. As an adjective, the word vegetable is used in scientific and technical contexts with a different and much broader meaning, namely of “related to plants” in general, edible or not, as in vegetable matter, vegetable kingdom, vegetable origin, etc.

Roma Tomato

Roma Tomatoes
This tomato is firm, smooth skinned and plum or pear shaped. Great for canning and sauces. Low in fat and sodium, high in Vitamin A & C. A favourite for vegetable gardeners. When planting with Sweet Basil, it brings out the full flavour and a great companion plant, together with [...]

Swiss Chard

Chard leaves
Chard can be harvested while the leaves are young and tender, or after maturity, when they are larger and have slightly tougher stems. Chard has shiny green ribbed leaves, with stems that range from white to yellow to red, depending on the [...]