I know I go on a bit about ornamental grasses and how much I love them (are you tired of this subject yet?) and so rather than bore you with another one of my rants on how amazing, spectacular and gorgeous grasses are, I thought today I would show you in photographs why grasses belong in my garden …

The Mexican Petunia is a beautiful plant in its own right and looks really stunning … but look how extra-stunning it looks with the dainty flower heads of the Panicum virgatum just peeping through. And it does that without detracting from the beauty of the plant – I love these two together.

Mexican Petunia - Ruellia brittoniana

Miscanthus sinesis “Zebrinus” and Salvia Coccinea are both plants worth having in your garden. But look how stunning they are together! Another reason I love grasses – gorgeous alone but whatever you put them with just seems to “pop” right out of the bed, straight at you!

Salvia coccinea
The Weigela is sadly not doing much this year because I believe I pruned it at the wrong time. But look how simply gorgeous the few blooms and all the foliage look against the soft flower heads of the Panicum virgatum. Just lovely.

Weigela and Panicum

So my few words about grasses on Wednesday are …

If you don’t already have, just get some! Find your favourite grass and then start with just a few. You will find they brighten up the dullest areas, are gorgeous on their own, in combinations and en-masse and provide interesting colour almost all year round. It’s a no-brainer for me.

What’s your favourite grass?

Happy Gardening

More of the pretty …

Panicum virgatum "Shenandoah"

Combination of Duranta and Mexican feather grass

Carex and chameleon