Well, the sun is hiding behind dark, ominous clouds and the rain is coming down. I know my garden loves it and after a few warm days, I am quite happy sitting indoors. Just survived a bout of nasty flu and a quiet weekend inside with a great book sounds like a good idea. I did, however, take a quick walk around to see what needed my attention, but my plants all waved me inside.  They are all happy. The Gardener can rest! xxx

My Potato Sacks are looking great

The raised veggie bed looking full

Beautiful apple blossoms-how lovely!

Rose patch is filling out nicely

The rain is being enjoyed by all

The potato bush is heavy with blooms

The sage has re-grown from the old plant in the veggie bed. I am enjoying the flowers. The Chrysanthemums are also thriving.

Beautiful sage

Buds closed on this cold day

The Grass patch is looking amazing

All grasses are in growth-mode

Well, I thought I could pack away my fuzzy blankets – 🙂 The cold is still creeping in this October month. Well, I’m gonna wrap up warm now and will see you all in the week.

Happy Gardening xxxx