I’m pretty amazed at what one summer can do to a garden. I often find myself humming to the tune of “What a difference a day makes …” and thinking to myself what a difference a season makes in a tended garden.

This small portion of my back garden that I am showing here is where I planted the three Pittosporum nigrescens to get back some privacy after much clearing, tree felling and plumbing went on here. This is an update of the area, nearly eight months later. The trees themselves have not grown much (first year they sleep, second year they creep and so on), but I was not expecting much from them just yet as they will need some time to settle in. But look at everything else! I am thrilled at how things are finally filling in.

Before & Afters

Newly planted Pittosporum nigrescens July 2011Newly planted Pittosporum nigrescens July 2011

Pittosporum nigrescens taken February 2012Pittosporum nigrescens taken February 2012

Different angle taken in July 2011Different angle taken in July 2011

Different angle taken in February 2012Different angle taken in February 2012

It’s not perfect yet but I’m a whole lot happier already!

Up next, the Second of my Twelve and a Book Review on Monday!

Happy Gardening