I was lured out back today by endless chirping of birds and found, to my delight, that there is a new type of bird visiting my garden. Tiny little birds, hanging out and darting around on the huge Hibiscus. I tried to photograph them but they were too quick for me and once Dexter started running around and bringing me his ball to throw, they took off.

The Dove however, not intimidated by rambunctious Rottweilers, was content to perch in the tree and check us out which it did for ages. Isn’t it cute …

The Dove

Which brings me to my question … The dove is sitting in the now bare tree. I don’t know what type of tree this is and I forgot to write down what the Tree Guy told me. (I don’t think he did tell me about this tree as it was bare when he was here and they didn’t do anything to it).

Here is what it looks like in the height of summer …

Tree ID help

I would really like to know what tree this is. If anyone can help me identify it I will be very grateful.

You can click to enlarge these two photos for more detail:

What tree is this?

What tree is this?

PS: I’ve trawled tree ID websites and all my books and I am none the wiser.

Happy gardening