Hi Chris, I know you are dying to see the beautiful trees I bought and that arrived this week! They are Leopard Trees or another name is Brazilian Ironwood (Caesalpinia Ferrea). They prefer full sun and are tender to frost. It is deciduous and waterwise (yeay!). One of the most attractive trees, its grey bark peels off to reveal dark brown underneath. Red foliage emerges in Spring which matures to fine, attractive, acacia-like green leaves which provide dappled shade. Bearing clusters of yellow flowers in summer.  They are also relatively fast growing. 

I totally LOVE my new trees!  So now you can see the whole sequence of events! Even the arduous digging. We have such hard clay soil that you need a buzzdozer or a pick axe and muscles like Schwazzenager to get through. It was so tough to do this, and I needed the help of my hubby but even this was not enough. We had to take days to add water to soften the area. It nearly didn’t happen when my hubby said, “That’s it – just add more water and make it a pond. Bring the koi!!!” But we managed – just, just! You will see – I’m smiling for the camera but I was just exhausted!! I could hardly believe that I had the endurance to keep going. We had to dig a hole 1.1m x 1.1m x .7m for a 250 litre tree which stood 3.5m high! I even surprized myself. I guess it is all the bending in the garden for 6 years! Builds a strong back!

Ok here are the photos! Enjoy!! xxxxxx

Hard work this hole digging!The BIG hole

Using a Koevoet to break the ground!Backbreaking!

Trees SA Arrive!Trees SA arrive as promised!

Bringing in the treesBring in the Trees!

My first tree!My first Tree!

My second Tree!My second Tree!

Adding the stakes!Adding the stakes!

Isn't she beautiful?She’s a beauty!

I wish to say thank you to Trees SA for the great experience. The staff were on time, professional, speedy and efficient – as well as friendly. I highly recommend Trees SA! I’m going to post a special review for Trees SA so stay posted!

So Chris, so when are you coming to visit so we can have a “dop onder die bome”!! 🙂

Flickr Photo Gallery of the Big Leopard Tree Planting …