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Strange onion?

After my post on the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day about the onion, my neighbour asked me what kind of onion is this?? I thought it was a normal onion you buy at the grocery store. Hmmmm! I think I’m wrong. Does anyone know what kind of onion this is? Is there such a thing as a French Onion? I have asked around and no one can help me. I know it is not a leek, but it does have a mild onion flavour. I have cooked with it and it is delicious.

And look – it’s about to get a flower. I’m curious to see what this looks like!

Any ideas?

[one_half]Nearly a flower[/one_half]

[one_half_last]My onions[/one_half_last]

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By Barbara

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Well, it’s hard to determine just from the picture of the greens without seeing the onion, but when you mentioned French onion, what comes to mind for me is a shallot, which grows similarly to onions.

I agree though, if you plan to harvest it, don’t let it flower!

You don’t want your onion to flower if you want to eat it. It will form a hard core where the bloom stalk arises. In warmer climates, onions are a cool season crop and do flower if not pulled at the right stage.

Pulling some soil away from the base of onion plants will help bulbs to form.

Thank you for your advice! I was just curious to see an onion flower!! All new to me 🙂

Onions have many varieties, maybe it is just one of those you are not familiar with. Do you know that onions don’t flower in hot climates? Here we don’t see them, and we always import onion seeds to produce the table onions.

So I’ll be able to harvest onion seeds!?! I’ll post a picture of the flowering onion for all to see!

Half the onions I grow on the allotment seem to end up like this. They should still form a bulb if you remove the flower stalk but they won’t be good for long term storage.

Thanks Chris – I think you are right! They don’t have a bulb at the base and they just keep growing …:-)

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