Spring has finally arrived here in the Western Cape, South Africa. As if Mother Nature flipped a switch, the days are warm and the sun is melting the snow of the far mountain pecks. The gardens are excited to get going and we can feel the rush of spring.

“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love! ” – Sitting Bull

Here’s what’s blooming in Christine’s garden in September 2012

It’s wonderful to be able to walk around outside again, barefoot and warmed by the suns rays and admiring the plants as they wake up from their rest. Every day brings new surprises like the tiny first blooms of the Ipheon, the Azaleas loud statement in bright pink and the more subtle blooms of the many white flowers I have all over the garden. And I’m happy as a lark being able to rush off to nurseries to see whats new in store. Happy Days!

All the pretty Hellebores are this colourAll the pretty Hellebores are this colour

The pretty little daisies are floweringThe pretty little daisies are flowering

Solanum jasminoides is flowering againSolanum jasminoides is flowering again

Viburnum tinus is heavy with flowersViburnum tinus is heavy with flowers

Strelitzia reginae is newStrelitzia reginae is new

Buds on Dutch IrisesBuds on Dutch Irises

Pretty white DelphiniumsPretty white Delphiniums

Jasmine is in full flowerJasmine is in full flower

Pretty purple flowersPretty purple flowers

And pretty white onesAnd pretty white ones

Clivia In all my deep shade corners …In all my deep shade corners ...

And Osteopermum in the sunAnd Osteopermum in the sun

Azaleas in light pinks and whites …Azaleas in light pinks and white ...

And in bright pink (or is it cerise?)And in bright pink (or cerise?)

Impatiens are still floweringImpatiens are still flowering

The sweet Dietes bicolor hereThe sweet Dietes bicolor

I’m loving the gorgeous SalviaI'm loving the gorgeous Salvia

And tiny flowers on the StrobilanthesAnd tiny flowers on the Strobilanthes

That’s it from Claremont in Cape Town, lets see whats happening in Barbie’s garden in Philly …

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in September 2012

This is my favourite time of the year! The fields are teeming with wild flowers and the farm fields are bright with Canola yellow! But the best part is that my little garden has finally woken from its deep sleep. The thrill of new sprouts and shoots and blossoms …. there are old bulbs that have come up again and looking as fresh as ever!! Buffy will guide you through the garden…

Ixias are back!

Barrow full of Sparaxis

A pretty bloom in the Grass patch

Alyssum a great pal in the garden

Love my raised bed

Nasturtiums a common site now[one_half_last]

Jasmine is about to burst!

My lemon tree is looking its best

The meadow coming to an end

Blueberry flowers – so delicate

Such Bold colours!

Love the Sparaxis

Raspberry Lavender

Fleabane flowers – a ground cover

Azaleas – keeps blooming!

Wild daisy flower

There is so much colour – I am surprised! I was never a big flower gardener, and now I am loving all the bright blooms! Guess we all evolve.

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