I have been so busy with work and stuff that the garden has been neglected and the two bored chickens have been given full access to the front and back garden – out of pure guilt, I must add. There is method to my madness though – I intend to rip out old growth and prune out-of-control perennials. So, let the chickens have there fun.

I have started cutting and mowing and have a pile of all this overgrowth taken to the back (back) garden …… where the sheep can have a feast!

Hey – quit shovin’!

My turn now!

Enough for everyone!

Fresh mowed grass for all!

These are not my sheep, but my neighbours’ sheep and they graze in the field behind our house. I call this my back (back) garden because we have a gate to this area! It’s nice to have these guys around when you have excess garden refuse. My compost bin can’t handle all this extra load and the sheep enjoy themselves!

What animals are you feeding from your garden?

Happy Gardening xxxxx