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My new Vegetable Garden

Veggie Planted completedI have set up the new veggie planter, purchased seedlings from the nursery, studied up on companion planting to see which of the seedlings will grow well together and then lovingly planted all the new herb and vegetable seedlings. With the new vegetable planter it has been incredibly easy to do and surprisingly, it was lots of fun! Now it’s time to sit back, give the plants a good daily watering and lots of TLC and then see what happens. As this is my first foray into vegetable gardening I’m excited but also just a little sceptical. Can I do actually do this? Time will tell …

I thought you might be interested in what I’ve planted. As I have negative experiences with planting from seed in the past, I decided my first attempt at vegetable gardening should be planting from seedlings (“Instant gratification” is what I was really going for here. We’ll leave the seed planting for a time when I am a little more experienced with this).

So here is what I’ve planted in the basins: (see photos below)

[one_half]Basin number One: In the first basin (Far left), I have a Strawberry plant which is a fair size and already flowering. I couldn’t resist, it was such a pretty plant and we love Strawberries. I’ve planted cauliflower (bonny hybrid) and one rocket lettuce plant in there as well. Cauliflower is supposed to work well with Strawberries. I bought the little Bumble Bee as a “scare crow”, so that the birds don’t come and eat the strawberries (wishful thinking!)[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Basin Number Two: In the second basin (Centre Left), I’ve planted two chili plants. The first is called “Long Red Cayenne Slim”. Its supposed to be very hot with green to red fruit. The second Chili plant is called Golden Habanero. Together with the two chillis we’ve planted parsley (type: Big Ben moss curled) and three little seedlings that lost their label. (I think they are lettuce but am not 100% sure. They look like lettuce).[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Basin Number Three: In the third basin (Centre Right), I’ve planted at the back, Oregano (Rosenkuppel), a Sweet Pepper star yellow, a few Cherry Tomatoes and Sweet Basil (because I already know Tomatos go well with Sweet Basil).[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Basin Number Four: In the fourth basin (Far Right), I’ve planted at the back: Lemon Grass (which Stefani uses a lot in her Thai cooking) and Coriander (which we use a lot). In the front: lettuce (green Cos) and spinach (bright lights).[/one_half_last]

As usual, I bought too many plants, so some extras still need to be planted out into the garden. These include Rosemary and Garlic Chives and a few cherry tomato plants I didn’t have space for. I planted them in the bed with the existing Sweet Basil and Tomato Plant (which are both thriving!) If I’d know vegetables grow so quickly … I might have started this a long time ago!

Costs involved:
I’ve worked out that the amount of money I spend buying Sweet Basil and Parsley alone from Woolies in a period of one year, pays for all the seedlings, potting soil and the vegetable planter I bought! So as long as the sweet basil and parsley reward me with usable leaves, we’ve broken even. Any additional crops I harvest from my new little Vegetable Garden will be a bonus! And how wonderful that I won’t be wasting left-overs anymore. I really hated throwing away what we didn’t use every week because it was no longer fresh. So that alone will make me happy and if it tastes better than store bought I’ll be ecstatic.

If this works we’ll progress on to growing cucumbers, onions, potatoes and who knows what else … but for that we will allocate a bed in the garden. I already have my eye on one!

Photographs of the individual Basins:

By Christine

Dominated by large trees on a medium sized property, my garden is very shaded. With no “full sun” areas I have to plant shade and partial shade loving plants. I love shrubs and flowers including camellias and azaleas but Roses and Irises are my favourite and getting these to thrive is a challenge …

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Lovely to see some veggies planted so beautifully! Before you know it you’ll be planting more, ah I see you’ve already a new bed started!!
Great blog – enjoying your antics very much (both of you!)

Hi Chris, I just LOVE LOVE your veggie patch. It is so neat and the planter is going to make the maintenance that much easier, but heads up on the ‘jungle effect’ you’re going to experience soon. They will grow out of that in no time. But I did the same when I started and I still don’t get my spacings right.

Hi, I have gotten some great ideas off of your page and love reading updates. I like the set up that you got to start your seeds. You have a much larger growing area for your starter than mine right now. I cant wait to start planting my seedlings.

I also have a partial shade garden and will be doing more herbs and vegtables that do better with the amount of sun they get. But I am going to plant some marigolds and there is another one they suggest to help ward off certain veggie lovin insects. Who knows. I would like to see some flowers in my garden. will be fun to watch our gardens grow.

I like your “scare crow”

Hi Heather – thanks for the visit and comment. Hehe, my “scare crow” is really cute :).
Barbie is the expert on what to plant with veggies, I’ll ask her to do a post for us with all her advice, but as far as I understand it, marigolds, nasturtiums and pansies are the flowers we should be planting with our veggies.

I specially got the veggie planter so I could put it in a sunny spot. So far they are all doing very well, the basil has doubled in size in just 4 days! Veggies grow so quickly!

Thanks for stopping by my own blog, and good luck with your veggies. I, too, love the instant gratification that comes with planting out seedlings. My luck with seeds themselves is fair. I often directly sow them in the garden, and then a big storm comes and washes them away!

Hi Debs – yes, that’s been my experience too! Washed away by the rain. I don’t have patience for seeds, but who knows, maybe I will change 🙂

Christine – for your 1st time into vegetable gardening (is it really?!!), you sure are kicking some major butt on this! Your set-up looks amazing and I’m really impressed. (Wow!) I have not braved veggie gardening yet… that may be a 2012 project.

Shyrlene, I promise its my first time – but an expert was here today and told me I have way too many plants in there – so now I have to get the proper veggie patch started 🙂

The planter is very appealing to me. Very neat and tidy looking. But I think you may need at least 3 of those for all those plants to grow comfortably.

Oh dear … I will transplant into my garden when it gets overcrowded in there :). I’m so new at this, so wasn’t sure how many / how close etc. But I have a bed in my garden I’m slowly transforming to a veg / herb garden, So I will transplant.

Good luck with your little babies. I was thinking of combining veggies in containers too. I do not have room anywhere else. My other option would be leafy greens instead of annuals this year.

Hi Donna – I’ve seen some lovely photos of gardens where people combine veggies in ornamental gardens, but I’m not sure if I want to do that, I’d miss my pretty flowers! But containers is a great option I think. One could make those look really pretty with mixed herbs and veg.

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