I’ve been dragging my feet with planting up the new bed in the back. I spent so much time “designing” and “planning” that I wasn’t actually getting anything done. I had this idea to add a rose on either side and a huge pot in the middle back spot. I hunted for the pot I have in my mind and I couldn’t find it. I don’t want to buy the first pot I see, or a substitute pot … I want the pot I’ve envisaged (seen it in magazines) so I will wait until I find it. In the mean time, a collection of sun-loving plants was starting to gather in my holding area – a few Salvia and some grasses I found.

Two weekends ago Barbie and I went to the Rare Plant Fair and we found a few ornamental grasses we’d not seen for sale before. I bought enough to actually start planting up my bed.

It’s the only sunny area in the back area and it gets really hot in one corner of the bed and the other half is partly shaded. I already have a few things in here. Carex at the front, a small Japanese Cherry blossom and the Silver Birch tree. My initial idea of planting roses here will have to wait for a while. For now I want to play around with grasses and a few sun-loving flowers.

New grasses bed

It doesn’t look like much yet …New grass bed

But I love the colours and foliageI love the colours and foliage

Carex and Helichrysum are establishedCarex and Helichrysum already established

Salvia and grasses are all newSalvia and grasses are all new

Lots of different coloursPanicum virgatum "Warrior"

and varying texturesVarying textures

make it look interestingmake it look interesting

Mostly … I love the colousPanicum virgatum

a few little flowersLittle flowers

and tall willowy foliageTall willowy leaves

Festuca Glauca fills a few gapsMy favourite - Festuca Glauca

It will look great … next yearNew grass bed

I plan to plant a few bulbs here too – Ipheon towards the front and taller Ixias in the middle of the bed. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this bed develops over the next few months.

Here’s a look at the Before and after …

Plant list …

  • Panicum virgatum “Shenandoah”
  • Panicum virgatum “Warrior”
  • Pennisetum setaceum “Rubrum”
  • Argyranthemum Angelic white chic
  • Carex evergold
  • Salvia ‘Blue Emotions’
  • Salvia greggii ‘Navajo White’
  • Salvia greggii Pink
  • Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’
  • Miscanthus sinesis “Yaku Jima”
  • Helichrysum petiolare
  • Calamagrostis (I forget which one)