Hi Chris, remember my back garden meadow I want to create? I spread the seeds at the beginning of April and the last two weeks I have taken photos of the progress. I am still not sure what flowers will come out so it will be fun to see how the whole area will develop. I can recognise marigolds and that’s about it! Oh yes – I also see clover and a few weeds, but thats all in the nature of a wild meadow. I really want to see some dandelion and milk thistle. These are great medicinal plants … and it would be nice to have a meadow of useful and beneficial flowers. Right now, I don’t know the difference between the grass, flowers and weeds. The first two weeks they just shot up, but week 2 there was little change.

The Day I Started

Week 2 – 14 April

Week 3 – 21 April

You can see patches of lawn that have always been there, so hopefully this will fill out and become a colourful carpet of flowers and new grass.

It is a kind of “wait and see” experiment that will be fun to watch grow.

Can you identify some of my seedings?