As is customary at this time of the month, I’m joining Pam at Diggings for January Foliage Follow Up, a monthly gardening meme where Pam and other garden bloggers showcase the beauty of foliage in their gardens. Lots of casualties here in the scorching summer sun. I’m losing a few Agapanthus to something that seems to be devouring them from the inside out, one of the new Carex is wilting and succumbing to the heat of summer and some of the Mexican Feather grass is not happy in the full sun spot I allocated it. A few other casualties too, but let’s focus on the positive and have a look at the foliage combos I’m particularly attracted to this month …

I found a Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus) at my local nursery. Ever since I discovered this in one of my favourite gardening books, “Foliage”, by Nan Ondra, I’ve wanted one. And how marvellous that it requires partial shade – I have plenty of those spots in my back garden. I plan to plant it in an amongst the little field of white Impatiens I have got going on in the back. But then look at this … at the same time I bought the Persian Shield I bought another variegated Hydrangea and had them standing together. Look how beautiful these two look together …

Persian Shield and Hydrangea

I might have to plant these in close proximity to each other.

Here are my favourite foliage plants and foliage combinations this month.

The wonderful Strobilanthes dyerianusThe wonderful Strobilanthes

The variegated HydrangeaThe variegated Hydrangea in flower

Dusty Miller with Carex EvergoldDusty Miller with Carex Evergold

Dusty Miller with Carex ‘Frosted Curls’Dusty Miller with Carex 'Frosted Curls'

Trachelospernum jasminoides “Chameleon”Trachelospernum jasminoides "Chameleon"

P. madagascariens & Ipomoea batatasPlectranthus magagascariens and Ipomoea Batatas

Wild Iris & Helychrisum petiolareWild Iris (dietes) & Helychrism petiolare

Nandina and the Louisiana IrisesNandina and the Louisiana Irises

I’m finding Summer to be the most challenging in the garden so far. There is so much that needs taking care of and the heat doesn’t inspire me to get things done. Dare I say this? I’m looking forward to Autumn!

Happy Gardening