Hi Chris! I have been off the radar this past week with sinus troubles! I am certain they are spraying the fields around us with chemicals. Argh! Not good! The wheat farmers now grow grapes in the area, and I know that they spray these! I have had to go on antihistamines and nasal sprays and it has knocked me a bit sideways! I will have to investigate this further!

But in the meanwhile – I want to send you a little note and a photo that I will be doing a post on my Grass Feature Patch soon! This is just a sneak preview! It has really over-grown and my Panicum Virgatum is looking so amazing!

BEFORE- June 2011

AFTER- March 2012

I did a Grass feature revisited post in September – so it’s good to see what’s been happening.

What I will do is what you suggested, do a close up on each grass in the patch. I will label each one on the main photograph and then do a close up!

Happy Gardening xxxxx