You know that feeling when you go away on a holiday and come back to your home – it feels like you are a stranger! It takes awhile to become familiar again with your garden. That’s how I felt!

I felt as if I had been away or hibernating – I had to spend at least a day just greeting everything that was actively growing or peeping out of the soil. So many plants that have re-seeded and started to take over. And the bulbs I was hoping would survive have not disappointed! The Chasmanthe and the Louisiana Irises just make me brighten with pride! I had to chop and carry away all the overgrown borage and nasturtiums – they were like monsters. I should have taken photos….. but I did take a lot of photos of what is happening in my garden revival…..

My first Louisiana Iris this spring!!

Quince blossom

Peach Blossom

Love the blossoms

Almond Blossoms

New Almonds – can’t wait

Blueberry blossom


Fuchsias just starting

This is a spekboom

Lovely lavender

New rose leaves-patience!

Confetti bush-indigenous

Angels’ fishing rods-Dierama

Leopard tree is in seed

My grasses are coming through-Pennesetum

Chasmanthe and Iris in raised bed

And what’s happening in the vegetable garden?

My edible greens-salads, rocket & spinach


Chives and Pyrethrum – bug busters

Flowers, fruit and herbs together

Empty chicken coup

Fig tree budding

From sunny calendula to the sweet peas – the blossoms and the blooms, I am so enjoying my garden again!!

If I can get this everyday, I am rewarded and grateful.

Happy gardening xxxx