I love the softness and the coolness of a winter garden. After a harsh summer, it is a pleasure to see so much green. The mist envelopes the mornings and everything looks magical – the spiders webs look like jewellery. I hope you enjoy the walk through my June garden……..

Lets see whats happening in the front garden

The front grass bed

The front of the house

Chasmanthas in my raised bed

Raised beds very textured

Cleaned rose bed

Overworked wheel barrow

Grasses with spider jewellery

Tanks filling up

My beautiful Leopard Tree!

My Artemesia – Powis Castle

Such a fragrant and beautiful bush!

Always a bucket to catch more rain water

Always fun things welcoming you to the garden

Lets see whats growing in the winter veggie garden

Tamsin’s (my grand-daughter) Garden Peas

Red Butter Lettuce! A new variety!

Italian flat and curly parsley-snail deterrent

Broccoli with chives-companion plants

Kale-well used in all green juices!

Thyme-natural bug repellent near brassicas

A flourishing Yellow plum tomato

Self-seeded tomato-clay pot for frogs

Another home in the Grenadilla Vines – a spider?? It looks like she strung up glass beads around her front door! Nice styling there!!

The old chicken coup is now a garden shed!

What’s happening in the back garden??

Winter colours setting in

Quince tree turning golden

Back deck is well lived on

New cosy couches to relax on

New seedlings for the veggie garden

Summer deck not in use!

Pepper Tree hanging over

Coup area still a feature-sans chickens

Thanks for taking a walk with me around my garden………

Happy gardening xxx