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Apple Espalier

My next project is to learn how to do an Espalier Tree. I bought 2 apple trees last week and I have an ugly vibracrete wall I want to hide, and this will be perfect!!

The term espalier refers to the way fruit trees are trained to grow against a wall. It makes the tree easier to prune and the fruit easier to pick. This decorative method was often used traditional walled kitchen gardens and is perfectly suited to growing fruit in the smaller garden.

Here is what inspired me!

And here are my two “Golden Delicious” apple trees -bought  straight from the Elgin Valley where all our best Cape apples come from! Amongst these two trees you will see a Hanepoot Grape vine and some ground cover for the stepping wood. I’ll blog about that over the weekend.

But first, I have to learn how to make an Espalier….. now lets Google ….

By Barbara

Country living is the best! Being a true spirit of the earth, my garden is all about vegetables and fruit trees and herbs and chickens roaming free. I was keen to really start gardening when we moved to Philadelphia in 2005, but not your typical suburban-type garden – sterile and bug-free! I wanted an edible garden.

4 replies on “Apple Espalier”

Espalier! I cannot wait to see your results. The design concept seems quite exotic, and I try to wrap my mind around a 3-dimensional tree in a ‘semi’ 2-dimensional format? How cool of you to just jump in and run with it!

Oh thank you! I love challenges – especially the ones I know nothing about :-). I’ll keep you all posted on my gradual results.

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