In my list of Things to Do in the Garden in 2012 I mentioned that I want to prune some trees in order to reclaim a portion of mountain view. In the heat of summer we have managed to get that done and I am happy with the result.

This is a small corner view as seen from one corner of the entertainment area of our back terrace. It’s a place I love to while away a hot summers day either with a good book or good company. It’s a marvellous spot as the air is always full of bird song, its private and peaceful and the views of the garden and surrounds are lovely.

Before: Mountain hidden behind treesBefore: The mountain is hidden behind trees

After: Trees tidied and removedAfter: Trees tidied and removed

Now we can see the mountain againNow we can see the mountain again

And … birds on the wireAnd ... birds on the wire

In the early evening …In the early evening ...

And a zoomed out viewThe broader view (from the couch)

I am happy with the result,  I think it looks a whole lot better. I hope you approve!

In other news …the little sunbird that visits me every day almost has all his markings now! (I first wrote about him here when he was a juvenile). Isn’t he gorgeous? He comes every day just after five and does a little show for me in the tree. Then he goes back to the rest of his family who hang out on the other side of the tree, overlooking my neighbour’s garden. It’s been lovely, I’ve watched him mature over the last three weeks.

"My" sunbird

Happy Gardening