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Happy days

I’ve had a very busy working-weekend and unfortunately had no time to garden. I’ve got a “list” of things I need to do in the garden – from re-potting plants to seedlings that need to be planted – and no time to get to any of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a few hours tomorrow to get into my garden and see to all the chores.

For today I thought I would share two photographs of my new “happy place”. We never used this area much before we had the back garden redone because it was all such a mess. It’s slowly coming into its own now and sitting on the back patio and listening to the birds chirping and seeing my plants starting to flourish is very special.You can’t see much of the garden from these photos – what I want to show here is the restful ambiance of this space …

[one_half]Back Garden[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Back Garden[/one_half_last]

By Christine

Dominated by large trees on a medium sized property, my garden is very shaded. With no “full sun” areas I have to plant shade and partial shade loving plants. I love shrubs and flowers including camellias and azaleas but Roses and Irises are my favourite and getting these to thrive is a challenge …

3 replies on “Happy days”

Looks so peaceful. Would love to sit and read a book in that pod chair on a beautiful summer’s day!

There is always a spot there waiting for you – with some bubbles … 🙂

What a wonderfully restful and peaceful area that is. I believe that everyone should make a place of sanctuary in or near the garden. We sometimes forget to take the time to just sit and enjoy. I am so happy that you have a place to do that. So, don’t worry about the garden. It will wait for you! Enjoy your day!

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