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MyGardenSchool Organic Gardening course

For the past 4 weeks I have been taking part in The Organic Garden course by My Garden School. What a wonderful course it was and how the lecturer, Stephanie Donaldson made everything clear and concise and that organic gardening does not need a masters degree but a clear and practical mind to know how to work with mother Earth. I really enjoyed logging in every Saturday morning and downloading that weeks […]

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Final Assignment for the Garden Design Course

Assignment 4

My final assignment of the Garden Design Course and I’m left hanging for more! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about garden design and feel I’ve only touched on it ever so slightly. I might at a later stage invest in doing a longer, more thorough course in garden design. Not because I want to become a garden designer, far from it – dabbling around in my own garden is enough for me – […]

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My Gardening Course – this weeks lecture and assignment

Course Assignment

In the continuing story of the Garden Design Course I’ve been doing through My Garden School, last week (which I told you about here) we learnt about Colour and Design Principles and this week was all about The Role of Plants in the Planting Scheme. I’m learning a lot. But I have to say that I am  surprised by how much I actually already know. After the first weeks lecture I felt […]

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Planting Design Gardening Course progress report

Contrast and Harmony

I thought it was about time I wrote a post about the Gardening Course I’ve been busy with. I signed up for the “Planting Design” Course by Hilary Thomas with My Garden School. The course is a four week online course with lecture notes and video tutorials and students are encouraged to complete an assignment after each weeks learning module. I found the first week very hard going as I was way […]

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Back to School

My Garden

Back to School – we sign up for Gardening Courses: Both Barbie and I are very excited – we have been offered an opportunity to do distance learning gardening courses via MyGardenSchool is a unique online horticultural classroom offering various gardening courses taught by some of the world’s most acclaimed authors. “MyGardenSchool provides you with your very own online horticultural classroom to help you create your dream garden.  Whether you want […]