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The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Today I’m joining my friend and gardening mentor, Diana of Elephant’s Eye for her annual Christmas Theme, The Twelve Days of Christmas! (I call it a theme rather than a meme, because Christmas is about so much more than just a blogging meme). As Diana suggested, I’ve trawled through photo archives of the last 12 months and have chosen to express my Twelve Days of Christmas in photographs taken in my garden […]

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Foliage Follow-up in December

Love the colour on the Nandina pygmaea

As is customary at this time of the month, I follow-up The gardening event of the month, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, with a post highlighting the foliage that is flourishing in the garden. Pam at Diggings hosts the monthly Foliage Follow Up, a monthly gardening meme where Pam and other garden bloggers showcase the beauty of foliage in their gardens on the 16th of the month. As I have become quite passionate […]

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Summer at last in the Two Gardens for December Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Pretty Petunias amongst the Carex

Yay! Summer, and our tenth combined post for the monthly Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for December 2011. All the planting and gardening of the past ten months has resulted in a splendid array of summer flowers in both gardens and we are thrilled with the results of our efforts. Not as pretty as spring but certainly bright and beautiful, our gardens are bringing us so much joy. We hope you enjoy our […]

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Gardenias 101

My Gardenia Bloom!

I thought of titling this post as “How I finally managed to get my Gardenias to flower”, but this post is actually about so much more than just getting them to flower. I think for inexperienced gardeners (like myself) Gardenias are tricky. Its a labour of love to successfully grow Gardenias – personally I have found them far more complicated than roses. Roses are a dream if you pick the right rose […]

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The latest Bug Parade

His buddy perched opposite

I thought I had plenty of bugs and slugs and creepy crawlies to show off with when I did this post and then, (were they feeling left out?) a whole new army of bugs moved in … I took myself off to the book store and came back armed with what I thought was a book about local bugs – alas, it was a British book (yes I know, I’m blonde and […]

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SA Garden Magazine on my wish list

SA Garden Magazine

I’ve been reading the “other” South African gardening magazine for a few months now. This one is simply called SA Garden and has the tagline – earthbound ◊ practical ◊ inspirational. The December issue was outstanding – packed full of info, and I read it from cover to cover so I thought it would be worth mentioning here, for our local followers! SA Garden changed their layout a few months back and […]

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Lavender and Gaura

New lavender

You might remember I ripped out all my Lavender plants four months ago and replaced them with new plants. (I blogged about it here: New Lavender to replace the old). Shortly after I planted the new Lavender I acquired a four pack of Gaura lindheimeri seedlings. Not really having a plan for them them (impulse buy), I thought they might look nice peeping through the Lavender. I planted the four seedlings at […]

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The Gardening Journal in the News

It has been such a fun year getting our project  – The Gardening Journal  – from an idea to a published book! The layout and the designing! The printing and its own great website! It has been just as fun using it while planning our gardens month-by-month – watching what grows! Up until now, The Gardening Journal has been really only given to friends and family to use and recommend. Then we […]

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New Garden Lessons Learned

Garden Lessons Learned Spring 2011

As the seasons change we once again take stock and see what lessons we have learned. The 1st December marks the official beginning of Summer in South Africa and so it is time take part in the quarterly gardening meme by PlantPostings called “Garden lessons learned“. Barbie completed her “Gardening Mistakes” post a few days early and today it is my turn to think back over the last three months and document […]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 30

Solanum Rantonnetii

Today I am grateful for “The Gardening Blog”. When Barbie and I first started this blog in January this year we thought we had gardens and knew what we were doing.  So we started a “gardening blog”. Seems rather funny now because when we look back we realise that we had very little knowledge and pretty basic gardens that were nothing very special. Finding things to blog about every day opened our […]