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Leopard Tree in May

I have to highlight this special tree – my Leopard Tree (caesalpinnea ferrea). I have to stand in awe sometimes when I walk out on my front deck and see the Leopard Tree going through it’s next seasonal change. (previous post on the leaves here) It literally changes from week to week. The bark is now maturing and the beautiful colours are coming through. This is the reason it is called a […]

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It’s almost Winter in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

There's one! Barleria obtusa

Brrr … Winter is officially two weeks away but it’s feeling decidedly cold and ‘wintry’ already. There’s not really much blooming in our gardens right now but a little planning means we have a few pretty blooms so that we can still take part in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – this being our 15th time! Thank you for joining us for our late Autumn show of whats flowering in our South African […]

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Seed collection development

The plan for this month of May is to get all my seeds planted for the winter garden. I have an array of seeds that I have collected, swopped, and bought. Slowly I will be only sowing my very own seeds, but for now I am still researching and experimenting with various supplies. I started off with store bough commercial seeds from a well-known supplier. The only problem I have is that […]

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Meadow brief

The Flowering Meadow is coming on nicely and all I have done in the last two weeks has been ….. nothing! We have had consistent rains and this has done wonders for my garden. The chickens have been a bit too happy scratching around here, so I have to keep an eagle eye on them. But here, you can see the development. I bought a Winter Mix of meadow flower seeds and […]

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Garden friends spotted in my garden

I love walking through my garden, but when I stop and bend down, I see so much more! I have so many active friends that work and play in my garden. Let me introduce some of them to you. My sunbirds are back and enjoying the Pineapple Sage bush – they frequent this bush, so my next photograph shoot will hopefully catch the splendid male. Lots of Praying Mantis, I am happy […]

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Miscanthus probe

Well, Alan – this post has finally been uploaded. You have been patiently asking me to get a closer view of this big question mark – my bold grass and centre piece of my grass feature. I have done a close up inspection of my Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus (it was labelled and sold to me as this!). I know that the last post I did of my Grass Feature update you did […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in May

Harvest Day in May 2012

Welcome to our fifth Garden Bloggers Harvest Day this 5th day of May 2012. Our Two Gardens are in a change of season mode and being faithful to nature, we are preparing our gardens for the new growth ahead. So the sowing and the harvesting of seeds are the topic of discussion. We can officially declare summer over and the Autumn short! We are looking past all the fallen leaves and dead branches and, just by […]

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Back garden highlighted

Hi Chris, I have been busy with planting and cleaning and creating and just enjoying the back area of my garden. I know that I have these silent moments where no one knows where I am and what I’m up to – even my hubby looks for me…… I am in my garden. I have become very close to my garden again, now that the time has come to reawaken and refresh […]

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Cleome attack

Oh No!! Something is chewing on my Cleome and I have lost one bush already! What can this be? Chris, I know that you lost your Impatiens to cutworm – could this be the same thing? I hope it is not that dreaded Stem Borer Beetle that is now attacking other plants in my garden. The Cleome is in a patch near the Fig and Guava tree. I will not spray any […]

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Meadow update

Hi Chris, remember my back garden meadow I want to create? I spread the seeds at the beginning of April and the last two weeks I have taken photos of the progress. I am still not sure what flowers will come out so it will be fun to see how the whole area will develop. I can recognise marigolds and that’s about it! Oh yes – I also see clover and a […]