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New idea for lavender patch

Lavender updateHi Chris, I totally forgot to show you what I did with my overgrown lavender patch in the front garden. It has really grown too wild – so much so that we have to fight with the bushes just to get into the front gate. So my idea is to remove a few of them, retain some of the mature bushes and then work in some new plants to make it more interesting. I started this patch with a dried out river bed design, with the rocks meandering as if it was a dried out river, and to have the lavender surrounding it. Well, as you know, the lavender took over!  So this is my first step. I took out the most invasive bush and you can already see the riverbed effect coming through. I will, however, have to re-set all the pebbles. After watching The Gardener DVD’s I now know how to lay a professional pebble patch!!!