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Mantis mommy laying eggs

It was by pure chance I saw this praying mantis mommy laying her eggs in our front doorway! I was on my way out to water the garden and I glanced down. Gee! I nearly stepped on her. She looked up at me and must have called out – “Watch out!” Had I not been mindful, I would have not gone down on my knees to take a closer look.

What a magic sight! Have you ever seen this before? Its like a foamy sponge that goes hard. The eggs must be inside!

I remember when we first moved to this house, we had a praying mantis and watched her laying her egg sac on a pot plant. My hubby fed her flies and she ate until she nearly popped! We monitored the egg sac and then one day, out popped baby mantises! WOW! What a sight to behold! I’ll have to keep you posted on this hatch!

Today is day one … and counting!