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Gerbera and friends get potted

The big ugly broken terracotta pot just outside my office that looked so stunning with the spring flowering Ixias I wrote about a while back (and also showed off here) was looking very sad now that the Ixias are finished for the year. I’ve been patiently waiting for them to die down as I want to save the bulbs for next year, but I also wanted to do something with the pot. I’ve had the idea to make this a “seasonal pot”, i.e. to change it every three months with seasonal annuals or bulbs. So today I cleaned up the remains of the Ixias, added lots of new compost to the pot and looked around for something to plant in it.

It gets pretty hot where the pot stands and gets a good few hours of direct and bright sunlight, so the new Gerbera daisies I bought last week seemed an obvious choice. I thought they would look pretty boring planted all on their own when I remembered the Dusty Miller seedlings I nurtured from seed. Yes, they were ready to get planted out and a few Carex “frosted curls” could look good with those two … so I planted them all together. A few weeks and we should have a fairly nice display going on.

Gerbera and friends get potted

Pretty combination, Gerbera and Carex

In other news … I finally got my act together and tied the Mandevillas up onto the triangular teepee thingy I’ve had for months. Looks pretty.

Mandevillas tied up

Other than that, I’ve been shunting around and laying compost and mulch, transplanting plants that were not thriving to new positions, pruning, cutting back, tidying etc. … doing my final preparations for summer which officially starts on Thursday, here in sunny South Africa.

What have you been doing in your garden?

Happy Gardening

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And the award for Miss Photogenic goes to …

Just a short while ago I was bemoaning the fact that everything in my garden seems so “white”, with white blooms everywhere and not much colour left, after the crazy flower-flush of spring bulbs had passed. Reviewing all the suggestions I was given of making my garden “pop” with colour once again, I decided I liked the idea of black petunias in and amongst all the white to create a “sophisticated” garden.

As it usually happens when I am out looking for something specific, I won’t find it, but get sucked into all sorts of other options. And so it was that I finally planted two small fuchsias in the Camellia bed which I think will work quite well along the shaded wall area. In the front of the Camellia bed which gets a bit more light and a sniff of sun, I repeated last years exercise of planting a few Petunias. I’m not a great lover of Petunias, but have to concede that they create an almost instant colour spectacle which I feel my summer garden needs.

I’ve never had fuchsias before and only noticed just how lovely they are when I pointed my camera at them, and now I can’t stop photographing them. How gorgeous are these little flowers? And what an absolute delight they are to photograph. I can’t decide which of my new “colour pops” is the most photogenic, but I think…

The award goes to …


And the Runners up are …

[one_half]Little white and pink FuchsiaLittle white and pink Fuschia[/one_half]

[one_half_last]The blue PetuniasThe blue Petunias[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Bright pink Gerbera daisyBright pink Gerbera daisy[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Bright pink PetuniasBright pink Petunias[/one_half_last]

See … instant colour!

Those Gerbera daisies are SO SO cute I feel a post dedicated to them coming up! I was lured by their cuteness at the nursery today. All these little pots with Gerberas winking at me and I only bought 2! Think I better go back and get more … if I can decide where to put them 🙂

Whats your favourite flower to photograph?

Happy Gardening