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New Garden Lessons Learned

Garden Lessons Learned Spring 2011

As the seasons change we once again take stock and see what lessons we have learned. The 1st December marks the official beginning of Summer in South Africa and so it is time take part in the quarterly gardening meme by PlantPostings called “Garden lessons learned“. Barbie completed her “Gardening Mistakes” post a few days early and today it is my turn to think back over the last three months and document [...]

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Bugs and things

Bug Day December18

We have suffered through consistent wind for days now – this is the norm for this time of year in Cape Town – and I grow weary of it! I have no joy playing in the garden when the southeaster howls through the town. The wind has a nasty habit of bringing with it flies! I don’t know why! It seems to be a common thing here in Philly! It doesn’t make [...]

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Strawberries for Elma

Strawberries 03

This is a special post for a dear friend of mine, Elma Cheeseman, whom I met through my publishing business. She is 93 years old and published a fabulous recipe book called “Gran’s Cookery Chat”. Well, needless to say, I have tried many of her tried and tested recipes and always a delight for the whole family! I told her about the Gardening Blog and she has been following my every move [...]

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Green November

Green November05

I love my early morning ritual with getting up – open up for the chickens – kisses and hugs, fresh seeds, greens and water – put the coffee on – empty the trash – pack the dishes from the night before – pour the coffee and my morning begins…… I love sitting out on my deck in summer.The sun is way up there early in the morning and the birds and bees [...]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 8

01a GBBD November new08

I am grateful today for my camera! I do not know how I would be able to share all that I can without being able to capture the moment. The camera is my third eye and sees things closer and better that I can. It holds the moment suspended in time and the image is available for all to see for ever…. What a brilliant gardening tool to have!

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 6


Today, I am grateful for patience! It is one of the great gifts of life and one of the qualities that we strive for, but not always achieve! I believe it comes with maturity and not necessarily with age! I have watched my garden transform and change and without patience, I would have not been as successful with it! I have patiently watched the seeds take root and then inspect the first [...]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 5

Harmony Potatoes from my garden

Today I am grateful for my hands! There is little I can do in my garden without my hands. I would have no way of touching and feeling the soil, delicately moving small seedlings and digging out beautiful baby potatoes like I did this morning. How grateful I am that I have these amazing tools to create and build what ever I want in my garden.   About the 30 Day Challenge [...]

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Window Dressing

From my office window

One of the things about my garden that gives me immense pleasure is the simple act of appreciating the garden from the inside. Like beautiful paintings hanging on a wall, so the garden looks to me through the windows of my home and I appreciate nature’s “art work” every day. A lot of what I did in my garden in the early stages was about the views from the inside. A carefully [...]

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Back to the garden

Oh ... another surprise!

An absent gardener, a good dose of rain and a few very hot, summery days and we have ground covers that are running rampant, shrubs are growing at breakneck speed, a standard rose produced two massive suckers from the root stem, annuals are in need of dead heading, slugs and snails have taken up residence in the lily and rose beds again, coriander and basil have bolted, crawlies have devoured the cabbages, [...]

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Before and after continued ..

october new33

Thank you all for the interest shown in the Before and After! of my front garden. As promised, I have taken the latest photos of the back garden today, so now I can show you the big changes! The Back Garden BEFORE: It was a ruined area, the chickens had taken over the back garden and as any chicken owner knows – I’ve learnt – they scratch and peck until it is pretty much [...]