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Destruction in my garden

Oh dear, oh dear! I am mad, sad, angry but had to laugh at myself chasing Ruby the Chicken out of the veggie garden today!! I had the feather duster (which the chickens totally hate!) in hand and chased her all around the front garden shouting – “Get to the back, Get to the back!” I am still giggling about it now! How funny it must have looked. But in all honesty, I am upset at the total destruction of all my new plants I so lovingly planted and fed and mulched these past two weekends!¬†

I don’t know how she gets into the front veggie patch all of a sudden. I saw yesterday a few chicken footprints in the veggie garden but could not identify which chicken it was because they were all at the back…..hmmm………. then I happened to hear something through my¬†window. There she was, Ruby in the dirt!! She is sooooo cheeky! She even took a couple of bites out of the one and only swiss chard plant. Check out the mess and the cheeky culprit! Back to the drawing board this weekend and a better gate system. The joys of gardening!!

[one_half]Destruction in veggie patch[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Tomato plant destroyed[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Spinach eaten[/one_half]