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Sithanda Nursery, Elgin Valley


Remember, I took some photos of the nursery that we popped into when we took our trip through Elgin. It was on the N2 rest stop next to Pelegrine’s Farm Stall. It was small and quaint and I liked the garden decorations so much I had to show you. They had very nice Rhododendrons (spelling?) and I captured a butterfly on one of the flowers. So, if anyone was taking a trip [...]

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The Gardens at Wildekrans Country Estate

Wildekrans Country Estate

Two weeks ago Barbie and I took a drive to Elgin in the Cape Overberg to visit a few specialist nurseries which are located there. The Elgin Valley, one of the Cape’s most beautiful fruit growing areas, is literally an hour’s drive from Cape Town and one of the Western Cape’s better kept secrets in that it is yet to be inundated with crowds over weekends and holidays. The drive from Cape [...]

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Fairholme Nursery in Elgin

Fairholme Nursery

On Tuesday morning Barbie and I set off on a little road trip to go “plant hunting”. We were looking for slightly less common plants, specifically ornamental and unusual grasses which Barbie plans to make a feature of in her garden. Two weeks ago when I attended the Rare Plant Fair in Stellenbosch I bought a beautiful grass from Fairholme Nursery who were in attendance. The grass is Panicum Virgatum “Shenandoah”, and [...]

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Ferndale Nurseries – a review

Incredible Edibles

I went to Ferndale Nurseries (yes again!) this afternoon and this time I remembered to take my camera (not the fancy, good one, just a little point and click – I didn’t want to look like a tourist). I always enjoy going to Ferndale – even when they are busy as they were today, the service is great and the selection is superb. I had no particular agenda today other than perhaps [...]