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Not mad about these mushrooms

We have had a spell of warm weather followed by wet weather. Perfect conditions for mushroom growing! Well – I have had a few of them growing on my grass patch! I am not sure if these are edible, but no matter if they are or not, I’m NOT going to eat them!

Can anybody help me with this species of mushroom?

[one_half]What mushroom is this?[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Peziza Vesiculosa[/one_half_last]

I also found this horrible looking growth in my raised beds! Oh dear! I hope this is not poisonous! I immediately Googled fungus, mushrooms, poisonous fungus……. every possible combination. I finally came to the exact photo of what I have in my garden and I was relieved to find it is NOT poisonous. It is known as the Domicile Cup Fungus.

An unusual cup fungus called “dung cup” (Peziza vesiculosa). This species commonly grows on dung, manure and rotting straw in corrals, stables, gardens and other fertilized areas. Well, at least I know that my soil is rich in nutrients 🙂

Happy Gardening xxx