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Recycling drive in Philly

I have consciously been thinking about how my impact on the Earth can be reduced – in my own small way. My dreams are of collecting rain water, going solar heating for hot water, recycling our grey water…. these are all big projects I can do. I have started by growing organic, having chickens for manure and free-range eggs, making my own compost by saving all kitchen waste for the compost heap. This has become second nature to me now, even though it does take a bit of extra work. But my daughter inspired me to do more. I still throw all my garbage into the bin – I have not worked out a recycling scheme for the plastics and glass and paper and tin cans. Well, today is my day!

I bought myself coloured bins and will be separating all my trash into the appropriate bin. Ok – what colour bin is for plastic or paper??? Hmmmm…I have Googled the recycling colour code and became so very confused. I thought that there would be a standard SET COLOUR CODE! The colours seem to stay the same – GREEN – BLUE – YELLOW – RED – GREY, but they differ in terms of what goes where!! So I have worked mine out MY way!

Paper – GREEN, Glass – RED, Plastic – YELLOW (still need a yellow bin) – Metal – BLACK.

I still need to find a local recycling depot. Maybe I’ll start a Recycling Drive here in Philly…….. any suggestions??

Save our Earth!

Happy Gardening xxxxx