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She’s back! Whew!

Runby 3Whew – found Ruby! Last night at midnight, I was in bed and still worried about my little chicken all alone in the rain. So my fabulous hubby said he would look again. It was pouring with rain by this time. With torch in hand, he found her under a bush in the neighbours front garden – thank goodness because they have a dog!! – a white alsatian. Oh my word! I cannot even imagine what would have happened this morning!

Hannes said you have to look so carefully because they lie very, very still. She was so happy to be back and got a special plate of seeds!! She is my favourite one, you know! And she is the one who comes in every breakfast time through the kitchen door to see what I’m making. I can see the other chickens outside egging her on to check what she can bring back for them! heehee!!  I sit on my stool and she jumps on my lap like a little dog and we kiss and hug and she just loves it. Out little ritual in the morning.