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Bye-bye Buffy

A sad day indeed. My favourite pet – Buffy passed away this weekend -Friday 8 February 2013. She had been bravely coping with Bumblefoot and the traumatic operation on both feet in December. It took its toll on her and she developed breathing problems and finally stopped eating. Her life with us was a full 6 years and she was the Queen of the Roost! She always made sure she had the best spot and was the first to inspect new quarters and give it the OK. She was the best egg sitter and there were times when she had a hidden stash of eggs she was sitting on. Buffy was one of the original chickens we started with in 2006 and was the best swimmer! She also made a huge fuss to alert me when one of the naughty ones (usually Skollie!) escaped the chicken run – not wanting anyone to have a better adventure than her! Oh, I will miss her. Bye-bye Buffy!

Buffy – February 2010

The Life of Buffy – October 2006 to February 2013

Buffy with Mary, her sister – October 2006

Fully grown in 2007 but she couldn’t fly – she had crooked wings. The reason her name was Buffy – short for Spicy Buffalo Wings.

She was a really good swimmer – enjoyed the pool in the heat of summer!

Buffy – ever the opportunist – she was always there hoping for a handful of sunflower seeds!

Buffy?? What are you hidding?

[one_half]This was November 2012 -in the meadow[/one_half]

[one_half_last]A last goodbye – we will miss you![/one_half_last]

She was a great pal!