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Abutilon cutting and buds

A few months ago a friend of mine (the one with this wonderful garden) gave me a cutting of his Abutilon (Chinese lantern, flowering maple) which I had admired. I kept the cutting in the pot he gave it to me in for a couple of weeks / months and finally at the beginning of spring I planted it out into the garden as a tiny little plant. I’ve been watching it grow in anticipation of it looking as gorgeous as his does. On a walk-about of the garden this morning guess what I found? Not only has it grown significantly, but it has BUDS!! (Is it normal to get this excited about buds on plants, or is it just me?)

So here we have the plant as it is now …

Abutilon buds

[one_half]Lots of buds, YayLots of buds, YAY![/one_half]

[one_half_last]Gorgeous Abutilon budsGorgeous Abutilon buds[/one_half_last]

[one_half]New shoots on the broken partNew shoots on the broken part[/one_half]

[one_half_last]I see the aphids like it tooHmm, I see the aphids like it too[/one_half_last]

When I planted the cutting I accidentally broke a piece off the plant which I stuck in a pot and has now also taken root and is sprouting new leaves. Soon I will be able to add another of these lovely shrubs to my growing garden.

And I see I’m not the only one excited about the Abutilon … aphids are busy moving in and making themselves at home. Going to have to hose them off a bit later when the sun goes down …

Happy Gardening