Roma Tomato

Common Name – Roma Tomato

Plant Identification

Genus: Lycopersicon
Family: Solanaceae
Species: Lycopersicum
Plant type: Italian plum tomato
Variety: open-polinated variety
Note: This tomato is firm, smooth skinned and plum or pear shaped. Great for canning and sauces. Low in fat and sodium, high in Vitamin A & C. A favourite for vegetable gardeners. When planting with Sweet Basil, it brings out the full flavour and a great companion plant, together with thyme.

Plant Images

Roma Tomatoes


Tomato Plant

Tomato splash

Plant Descriptions

Fruit / flower: tomato is meaty, egg or plum shaped
Colour: available in red and yellow
Flowering time: all year round, usually planted in spring
Flower size: small yellow
Fragrance: none
Height: 30 to 90cm
Width: 38cm
Foliage description: regular leaf (see image)
Foliage colour: green

Plant Requirements

Light preference: 
Watering: full sun
Temperature: warm spring and summer
Soil requirements: well drained, fertile soil well composted, likes to be mulched
Fertilisation: slow release organic fertilizer
Pruning: not known

Other Information

Insects: prone to spider mites and moths
Diseases: roma tomato can withstand disease, esp fusarium and verticullium wilt
Propogation: by seed
Other notes: companion plant: sweet basil, thyme

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