Leopard Tree

Common Name – Leopard Tree / Brazilian Ironwood

Plant Identification

Family: Caesalpinia
Species: Ferrae
Plant type: Tree
Variety: semi-deciduous/exotic
Note: waterwise and fast growing

Plant Images

Leopard Tree

Leopard Tree

Plant Descriptions

Fruit / flower: Spikes of yellow flowers
Colour: Bark is grey and peels off to reveal dark brown
Flowering time: Summer and Autumn
Flower size: clusters of small yellow flowers
Height: can grow to 6m at 20 years
Width: has a gentle canopy
Foliage description: fine acacia-like green leaves, large green seed pods in autum
Foliage colour: Light green, turns red in spring

Plant Requirements

Light preference: Full sun
Watering: 20 litres a week while still 3.5m tall, thereafter this is a water-wise tree
Temperature: Full sun, tender to frost, prefers hot summers, can handle drought
Soil requirements: Well-drained, fertile soil
Fertilisation: needs fertile soil therefore organic fertilizer is recommended
Pruning: can be pruned at a young age

Other Information

Insects: attracts insects and bees
Diseases: not known
Propogation: can propogate from seed
Other notes: The Leopard Tree is very hardy and likes hot dry summers. It is indigenous to Brasil,  not to South Africa.

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