Iceberg Rose

Common Name – Iceberg Rose

Plant Identification

Genus: Rosa
Family: Rosaceae
Species: Iceberg
Plant type:
Note: First introduced in Germany in 1958, Iceberg is a very popular, white rose. It is a shrub that can be trained as a standard or tree form. Iceberg is an outstanding, free flowering white rose with lovely foliage that makes an excellent hedge or standard. The Iceberg Rose is one of the most popular rose varieties because of its vigorous growth and prolific flowering habit. It has a bushy habit and produces lovely cream to pure white flowers in large clusters from summer to autumn.

Plant Images

Iceberg Roses

Iceberg Roses

Iceberg Roses

Iceberg Rose

Iceberg Rose

Plant Descriptions

Fruit / flower:
Colour: White
Flowering time: Late Spring and throughout Summer to Autumn. Blooms repeatedly
Flower size: Average, double, informal
Fragrance: lightly fragrant
Height: 80 cm
Width: 65 cm
Foliage description:
Foliage colour: medium green

Plant Requirements

Light preference: Sun, but shade tolerant
Watering: Rich loamy soil with good drainage yet moisture retentive and slightly acid.
Temperature: Water regularly and deeply.
Soil requirements: Rich loamy soil with good drainage yet moisture retentive and slightly acid.
Fertilisation: Feed with blood and bone and keep well mulched.
Pruning: Requires regular pruning as for all roses. Blooms on new wood so prune early to promote new growth.

Other Information

Insects: Aphids and white fly.
Diseases: Susceptible to black spot, prone to weak stems. Stems are moderately thorny
Propogation: From softwood or semi-hardwood cuttings. By grafting or budding.
Other notes: Disease resistance is good. Blackspot may make an appearance now and again, although rarely to the detriment of the plant.

Good Companions: Plant with Lavender, Gaura, Heliotropium, other roses …

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