Ficus pimula

Common Name -Ficus pimula (Tickey creeper, creeping fig or climbing fig)

Plant Identification

Family: Moraceae
Plant type: Creeper or ground cover
Note: Ficus pumila or Tckey Creeper can attach itself to any porous surface and is an aggressive and beautiful vine. It climbs vertical surfaces and is also well-suited for use as a ground cover, in topiaries or hanging baskets. Evergreen useful as a cover for unattractive walls.

Plant Images

More photographs to follow

Plant Descriptions

Fruit / flower: Insignificant and rarely seen
Flowering time:
Flower size:
Height: 9 – 12 metres
Width: 30 – 40 sm
Foliage description: The leaves are simple, heart-shaped, small when young, changing as the plant matures to larger, 2-4in long, oblong and leathery form.
Foliage colour: green

Plant Requirements

Light preference: Semi shade to sun
Watering: regular watering
Soil requirements: Requires consistently moist soil – should not be left to dry out between waterings
Pruning: Cut back hard to control the invasive nature of the tickey creeper

Other Information

Propogation: From herbaceous or woody stem cuttings. Simple layering
Other notes:

I have planted this creeper against an unsightly wall in the deep shade garden out back where nothing much grows as it is Dexter’s stomping ground and play area (where he is allowed to do as he pleases – the area is known as “Dexter’s garden”). Lets see if Tickey creeper can survice Dexter.

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