Leucojum aestivum

Common Name – Leucojum aestivum (Snowflakes)

Plant Identification

Family: Liliaceae
Species: Leucojum
Plant type: Spring flowering bulbs / Perenniels
Variety: aestivum
Note: Snowflakes are bulbous perennials with threadlike or strap-like leaves and nodding, dainty white flowers. The snowflakes are native to central and southern Europe but they have been introduced and have naturalized in many other areas. They have narrow, strap-like, dark green leaves. The flowers are small and bell-shaped, white with a green spot at the end of each tepal. Summer snowflake is one of the easiest and most carefree naturalizing bulbs you can grow.

Plant Images

Leucojum aestivum

Leucojum aestivum


Plant Descriptions

Fruit / flower: The flowers are small and bell-shaped
Colour: white with a green spot at the end of each tepal
Flowering time: Late winter to early spring
Flower size: small (+/- 2.5 sm wide)
Fragrance: They have a slight fragrance.
Height: 30 to 45 cm
Foliage description: narrow, strap-like leaves
Foliage colour: dark green

Plant Requirements

Light preference: Partial sun to semi shade in the southern hemisphere!
Watering: Water regularly during spring growth time and during the flowering period. It tolerates drought when dormant in the summer.
Soil requirements: Likes moist, well drained soil. Can tolerate clayey, even waterlogged soils.
Pruning: n/a

Other Information

Insects: Slugs and narciuccus bulb fly
Diseases: Relatively disease free
Propogation: By dividing bulbs (including offsets). The bulbs of snowflakes multiply freely and can be divided every 3-5 years. They are best planted in autumn, 5 to 10 cm deep and spaced about 10 cm apart.
Other notes: The inflorescence of summer snowflake consists of 2-5 bell shaped, mildly fragrant flowers, each about 1 in (2.5 cm) across, nodding from the tip of a hollow scape (flower stalk) that stands just above the leaves. Each flower has six perianth segments or tepals (three sepals and three petals), all of which look about the same.

References: Wikipedia, Daves Garden, Floridata

Notes: Plant dry bulbs in autumn in moist but free-draining soil in partial sun to semi shade. Bulbs should be planted 8 to 10 cm deep.

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