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Wellies for me
With the weather changing here in the Western Cape and becoming decidedly “wet”, I realise that my current gardening shoes are totally inappropriate. I wear leather ballet pumps 99% of the time because they are so comfortable and I now have two pairs that have been demoted to “gardening shoe” status because they’re so well worn. And in summer that’s just great. However, as I trudged through the wet garden yesterday and my ballet-pump clad feet sank into the mud, I realised this is not going to cut it in the wet months ahead. So what kind of shoes am I going to get for gardening in winter?

In browsing through all the gardening sites that I now follow since I became “a gardener”, I have become aware that in Europe and the USA most gardeners have a pair of wellington boots. I’m not sure I’ve ever possessed a pair of Wellington boots – maybe as a child, but I don’t think so. To me, wellington boots always seemed like cheap substitutes for “real” boots until I started looking for a nice pair to buy for gardening. Sure, there are lots of cheap ones available and I’m sure they are great for gardening, but I want one of those cute, funky pairs I’ve seen in the gardening magazines and on the Internet!

Here are some lovely ones I found on the Internet … the first two are by Laura Ashley (I bet they cost a packet!) and I think the “rain level” ones are fun …

Wellington boots I want

Also cute!


Now where can I get me some of these here in Cape Town?

And what is your “preferred gardening shoe” style?

By Christine

Dominated by large trees on a medium sized property, my garden is very shaded. With no “full sun” areas I have to plant shade and partial shade loving plants. I love shrubs and flowers including camellias and azaleas but Roses and Irises are my favourite and getting these to thrive is a challenge …

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If you looking for a pair of Wellington boots (with pattern on etc), go to Pick n Pay Constantia or your nearest Pick n Pay clothing store. Hmmm I think they are R199.95…..stand to be corrected……

Last week I saw them and made a note to myself to buy a pair for winter….(still on my to do list lol)


I wear a battered pair of veldskoen when being the four-legged-grey-water-system. And in winter downpours a pair of farmer’s wellies from the Coop. Went off the rip off ‘Crocs’ after reports of heavy metal in the plastic? Wasn’t happy about those two great lumps of plastic, and they wear out fast if you use them for gardening.

I’m the worst when it comes to footwear for gardening, it is often whatever I have on right that second and has ruined some nice shoes. Or else its flipflops, which under any circumstance is inappropriate! So I think you’re ballerina shoes are just perfect. The wellies are cute though.

Hey my buddy! Now I know what to buy YOU for your birthday!! hehee! I LOVE those cute & fashionable wellies. Personally, I wear my wellies – the big black ones – when I have heavy gardening to do. It keeps the socks and feet from getting really dirty and you just hose them out when you’re finished. I don’t really like getting too much dirt on my feet and hands, so I like covering those up!! But lately I’ve been wearing my Crocs, like Dani. They are very slip on and go kinda shoes – but not the most attractive!

I have crocs which have holes and an open back at the heel…not good in this wet weather…I have a pair of boots that lace but really I need some wellies too for the spring with the cold and wet…so many cute ones…so many choices but one is in my future…

I wear the Laura Ashleys… 😉

I’m trying to figure out what exactly I do wear out there when it’s really wet… In summer I wear sturdy plastic sandals so I can hose my feet and shoes off at the same time… but not if I’m doing anything major. For major work that involves digging, lifting, or building anything it’s my hiking boots (with socks).

Those are cute boots, I hope you get a pair! I usually wear my husband’s old hiking boots if I ever get out into the garden in the rain (not often). Our clay soil is not supposed to be walked on too much when it is wet because it compacts badly, so I try to stay home on wet days.

Christine – personally I wear Crocs all year round (with my oldest paid of socks in winter) 🙂 Chuck ’em in the washing machine when they get dirty. Maybe you could wear your ballet pumps inside the crocs?

I have a feeling that if I wore Wellies they would get very hot, sticky and grubby inside…

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