Welcome Spring! At last some lovely weather, we’ve had two cold but sunny days. Wonderful sunshine and the plants have perked up by the end of the second day. Welcome Spring!

The Azalea AlleyThe Azalea Alley

Irises and LiriopeIrises and Liriope

The lovely AzaleasThe lovely Azaleas

Delphiniums still in potsDelphiniums still in pots

Acanthis mollis budAcanthis Mollis bud

The sweet HelleboresThe sweet Hellebores

Salvia are bloomingSalvia are blooming

New growth on AzaleasNew growth on Azaleas

Aren’t they lovely?Aren't they lovely?

The Azaleas are the star in my early spring garden. I love all the pink and cerise blooms and after the rains they are all showing lovely fresh growth and beautiful blooms.

The first Ipheon flower has shown its face. I didn’t realise they were such small flowers, quite pretty. The Acanthis mollis has sprouted tons of huge buds. I’ve read (and observed) that allowing them to flower destroys the plant. I have three plants and they have covered a rather unattractive corner with their wonderfully large leaves. I’d like to keep them looking good, so I might remove the buds in a day or two.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend
Happy Gardening